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Excited to see my former student Jamael celebrated today for his starring role in the musical ‘Hamilton’ that opened to rave reviews in London last night.

I’d like to believe that our improvisation classes at RADA contributed a little bit to the ‘fearlessness’ that apparently got Jamael the part and to the ‘immense authority’ with which he’s playing Hamilton (Jamael, not sure you’re on LinkedIn, but if you are, please don’t contradict me in public – a private message will do ;-)).

2017 has been a beautifully rich year, both at Spacecraft and at RADA. Thank you to everybody – clients, students, colleagues + collaborators…! I’m looking forward to making more exciting stuff happen together in 2018!

May the stories we live and tell in 2018 inspire us and those around us (and hopefully be somewhat true, too ;-))

Happy holidays & a wonderful 2018 to all of you.

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